This Week’s Crazy Talk

Who knows you’re neurodiverse?

I was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder in 2007, though I have clearly had it all my life. I didn’t start talking about my diagnosis outside my immediate circle of friends and family for at least a year. Now, of course, if you Google my name, you’ll find out pretty quickly the nature of my neurodiversity. You’ll also get a confounding set of images, including one of my dog and another of a man who looks like he’s about to kiss a bicycle tire.

Tomorrow, I’ll explore the good, the bad and the ignorance I’ve encountered since I began living out about my diagnosis.

Thursday, I’ll review Headspace, a guided meditation and mindfulness app. It’s meant to make meditating easier and more relevant. It’s also supposed to fit a customized experience into 10 minutes each day. I’m hoping it makes it easier to control the rampant anxiety I’ve been experience lately. Have you used Headspace? Did you like it? Why or why not?

And I need your help for an upcoming post. A recent discussion on my personal Facebook page got me thinking that how we handle disciplining our children is heavily influenced by our neurodiversity. Like most parents, my ability to parent well varies based on a lot of factors. But the normal stresses of parenting can also trigger reactions in my mental state. How about you? How does your diagnosis affect how you parent? Let me know in the comments. Or, while you’re thinking about it, hop over to the Facebook page, give us a “Like” and leave your comments there. You know you want to.

Janice Lindegard, publisher

5 responses to “This Week’s Crazy Talk

  1. when Im in a depression discipline goes out the window.
    Im naturally a easy going parent believing respect is a two way street and while some rules are never to be broken ( mainly ones about safety and the well being of others) other lessons in life come through natural consequenses.
    but in a depression Im not as consistent at upholding some rules and I often find I have ground to regain later.


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