We’re Crazy About Relationships This Month

Ok, it’s a cliché. February has Valentine’s Day in it and that’s all about love and stuff, so we should focus on relationships this month at Crazy Good Parent. Sometimes coping with neurodiversity means not making things too hard, so . . .we’re talking relationships this month!

This week’s guest post, appearing tomorrow, is by Karen Perry of mendedmusings.com. Karen writes about healing through finding a relationship with God, which she claims is a cliché. But Karen writes eloquently of her journey and there is nothing clichéd about that.

Thursday, I’ll be reviewing another resource: bp Magazine. At bphope.com, bp Magazine is a print and online publication focusing on coping with bipolar disorder. This week’s “cover” highlights a story on telling the difference between love and mania. Wish I’d had that back when I was dating unmedicated. Check in on Thursday for more on bp Magazine.

And, finally, I guess it’s up to me to write about neurodiversity and sex. Despite numerous pleas, it appears that only I am brave enough to tackle commenting on one of the most important aspects of our lives. (Yes, that is a dare. There’s still time for you to talk about sex, too.)

In the meantime, enjoy your week. See you tomorrow and Thursday.


Janice Lindegard, publisher

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