Calling all bloggers. Guest posts needed!

Next month, I plan on devoting Crazy Good Parent’s content on suicide. I learned, last December, that the holidays are not the season for suicide. There is a season when suicide increases: spring.

Join me in writing about staying alive. I plan to write about talking to kids about mom’s or dad’s experiences with ideation and attempts, when it’s appropriate and when it’s not.

I don’t want to be the only voice on this topic. That may be cathartic for me, but won’t bring the diversity of experiences I’d like for CGP to represent.

If you’re interested in adding your voice, use the contact form to let me know. You can absolutely write anonymously.

Janice Lindegard, publisher

4 responses to “Calling all bloggers. Guest posts needed!

  1. Id like to help you out on the guesting but the only thing I really parent is 2 dogs 2 cats a lizard and a ferret, if you dont count my husband. As you may have (or may not have) read, Ive almost been a parent a few times, but apparently, its not for me. Im only to have 4 legged variety.


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