Trigger Is More Than A Horse; This Week On Crazy Good Parent

Roy Rogers and Trigger on crazy good parentThis week, we’re talking triggers, those nasty things that send us into depression or, if you’re bipolar, crank up the mania. I’m more susceptible to depression triggers and nothing triggers depression for me more than work. Tomorrow, I’ll write about work and depression.

Then, Thursday, we’ll talk about other triggers and how to cope with them.

What are your triggers? What sends to the basement? What shoots you to the sky . . .convinced you can fly . . .without a plane? Let us know in the comments.

See you tomorrow.

Janice Lindegard, publisher

2 responses to “Trigger Is More Than A Horse; This Week On Crazy Good Parent

  1. I used to be really good about not eating sugar. It was the only thing that I could trace to an increase in depressive symptoms. But lately? Oh, my god, I can’t get enough of it. I think I’m under a lot of stress lately, too. Sometimes, I can’t get a decent breath. I hate those days when the only reprieve is to go to sleep.


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