You have something I want; I have something you’ll want

If you like coffee–well, even if you don’t–you’re going to love what I’m giving away: a first edition Crazy Good Parent mug. It holds a generous amount of any beverage and, if coffee isn’t your cup of tea, it’ll look equally great filled with whatever is.

Here it is:

And here’s how you get it: make a contribution to Crazy Good Parent that focuses on the physical ways you manage your mentals–the theme for May. That’s all.  Agree to write, draw, paint, photograph or video something about self-care and you’ll get a Crazy Good Parent mug when your contribution is published. Maybe you run to help manage your mentals. Or painting soothes your soul. Share your favorite recipe for good for you foods. Or maybe you cook with the kids as a stress reliever. Whatever you do, share it with Crazy Good Parent.

What’s the catch? Let me know, before the end of the day March 31, what you intend to contribute. I’ll choose one contributor, whose work will be published in May. Click on the Share Your Crazy button or email me at


  • Contribute to Crazy Good Parent.
  • Send me a proposed topic at or click on the Share Your Crazy button.
  • Focus on physical health.
  • Deadline March 31, 2014.
  • CGP picks one contribution.
  • Winner gets published in May and a Crazy Good Parent mug.

Thanks for playing!

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