What I Will And Won’t Be Doing About Depression: This Week On Crazy Good Parent

My husband knows I have some seriously dark days and when I’m down, he worries. So I’ve decided there are some things I really shouldn’t say or do, even in jest—like pointing a finger to my head when I’m frustrated. And at the risk of seeming a scold, I’m going to suggest we all put the lid on making light of self-harm. Check back tomorrow and weigh in with your thoughts on suicide and humor.

On Thursday, I’ll give you some of my best strategies for pulling myself out of a deep blue funk. I’d love to include yours, so drop a line in the comments.

Get a Mug In May! Don’t forget, a Crazy Good Parent mug is waiting for you. Anyone who contributes a post on wellness and mental illness for May gets a mug. We’ve already got a post coming from a yogi and another from a brand new blogger. All contributions can be made anonymously or I’ll happily plaster your blog name all over them. Life stories, articles, poetry, photos, drawings, paintings, music—everything’s welcome. Contact me at crazygoodparent@comcast.net.

See you tomorrow!

Janice Lindegard, publisher

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