Cute Babies!

I’m shameless, I know. But, there really are pictures of cute babies here…my babies. Because, you know, copyright? You can scroll down for the babies, but first you have to find out what I want from you.

In July, let’s hear from our kids. Interview your kids, have them write, draw or otherwise express themselves. Absolutely does not have to be about mental health in any way. I may share a few of the gems that fall from my daughter’s sassy mouth, like this one from my personal blog, Snide Reply. You’ll find quite a few other witticisms from my kids there as well. You’re going to be looking for something to do with the kids in the middle of summer, anyway, right? Contribute to CGP! Here’s an idea to get you started,  a completely adorable interview of a 5-year old from Mended Musings.

I gave birth to my son in September. I had an epidural and really lovely classical music playing, so the nurses in my room were pretty chill; we chatted. They told me more births occur in September than any other month (at least, at Prentice Women’s Hospital).

So, September is pregnancy, fertility, and birth-related issues here. Maybe you had postpartum or postadoption depression or anxiety? Or you chose to go off your meds before getting pregnant? Or chose adoption instead of giving birth? Share your stories about how your neurodiversity affected building a family.

Let me know what you’d like to contribute in July, September or both by contacting me at or by clicking the “Share Your Crazy” tab above.

And now, as promised, cute babies!

Baby Robin Baby Abby


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