Readers! Writers! CGP Needs You

Your publisher is continually offered books to read. Having once been a publicist, I read just about every PR pitch that comes in and generally respond “Thanks, but no thanks.” (I have finally gotten the representatives of a liquor manufacturer to stop pitching me. Maybe it was my “I don’t think recipes for watermelon martinis are appropriate for a blog whose readers include alcoholics” response.)

I have said “yes” to reviewing quite a number of books recently. They are all about mental health and neurodiversity, including one on babies and pregnancy and another by a gentleman who was a gang member. There are lots more. I agreed to read, review and possibly accept posts from the authors; I cannot possibly do this in a timely fashion. Sooooo….I’m looking for CGP members who’d like to read and review one of the books I’ll soon be receiving. Send me a message at or through the Share Your Crazy button.

I’m also looking for contributors to a month devoted to our children’s voices. You could interview your kids about life (this is particularly cute if they are younger), send us their favorite recipes, submit their artwork, pass along hilarious things they’ve said–anything that you’d like. Of course, no names will be published and no photos of the kids themselves, please. This will be fun! I promise!

Get on it, people!


P.S. For inspiration, here’s an example of my daughter’s artwork:


crazy good parent

by The Empress of All She Surveys



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