Try This At Home!

crazy good parent

a poem by the publisher’s daughter

I’m from forks and Izze and iron.

I am from the cozy, warm, green house

(booming like thunder from the drums.)

I am from Hanukkah and laughter

From brother and mother and father.

I am from the Smarties and the Creatives,

From look both ways before crossing the street

And don’t talk to strangers.

From cutting flowers for Buddha

And lighting candles in the driveway.

I’m from China, matza and shepherd’s pie,

From Grandma Ruth backing up on the highway

And a tarantula in my mom’s crib,

From my brother (when he was a baby)

Pooping on my dad’s lap.

I am from the basement boxes full of photos

My lifebook half finished,

The important papers

Locked in a safe

Under the office bed.

The Crazy Good daughter wrote this poem in her language arts class using a template based on a poem by George Ella Lyon. Click here for the template and, definitely, try this at home then share them with us! 

Can’t wait to see what your kids come up with.


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