What’s Crazy This Week!!! (You don’t have to shout it.)

I live on a cul de sac. Across the circle from me is a woman who has three children and is pregnant with number four. She’s a screamer (get your mind out of the gutter), as in, yells at her kids so loud I can hear her even when I’m in my house. And she yells really belittling things like, “Why did you do that!? Why would you do that?!” Every time she does it, I cringe, both for her kids and for mine. Yelling is my worst parenting fault. I’ll write about it tomorrow.

Wednesday, I’m trying a new kind of post. I was offered a post by a writer who put together tips for dealing with our neurodiversities. Let me know what you think; if we’re interested in more practical advice and tips stories, I’ll bring them to you.

Finally, get your mouse over to the Crazy Good Parent Survey Monkey survey. Only five questions will help make CGP an even cooler site.

Thanks! And see you tomorrow.


3 responses to “What’s Crazy This Week!!! (You don’t have to shout it.)

  1. Uh oh. I’m in trouble if those are considered belittling comments! I am also a yeller, and nowadays I consider myself an Old Yeller! All kidding aside, it’s something I constantly have to work on.


      • I know. If only we could see ourselves from afar, so to speak. I am so good at determining how other moms should act but can’t really see my own foibles.


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