You Want More!

The results are in and survey said: you want more posts. That’s great news because there is so much to say about being a Crazy Good Parent. And though one very astute survey respondent said the best thing about CGP is me, discovering other parents’ personal stories is your favorite feature of Crazy Good Parent. I am only one parent with one set of experiences; we need the voices of lots of parents to make a dent in the stigma that surrounds living and parenting with a mental disorder.

I’ll keep writing and work even harder to find other Crazy Good contributors. But we need to hear from you. Don’t know what to write? Nervous about posting on someone else’s blog? No worries! Because CGP is all about support, you’ll get all the help you need to put your voice on these pages. I’ll give you guidance, point you to resources and edit your piece; your work won’t go live until you want it to.

Here’s a little nudge. In September, Crazy Good Parent will focus on the early years–pregnancy, post-partum and that first wondrous year of parenthood. I didn’t have post-partum depression, so I can’t write about that, but maybe you can? Or maybe you struggled with wondering whether you should even get pregnant at all? Maybe you adopted? What were your particular challenges in becoming a parent? How did you handle them? We can all benefit from hearing your story.

Drop me a line at and let’s share our stories.

Janice Lindegard, publisher

P.S It’s not too late to get your kids involved in the July issue. How ever your kids express themselves, I’d love to share it with other Crazy Good Parents.

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