Here’s The Week’s Craziness

I’m going on a manhunt.  My marriage is fine, but we’re missing the masculinity here at Crazy Good Parent. So, I’m tracking down the dads for an upcoming week-long special of posts by papas. If you know any dads who write, blog or just have something to say about being a crazy good parent, point me in their direction.

Tomorrow, it’s cocktail time. For many of us, meds make a big difference in our ability to manage, but managing the meds can be a challenge itself.  Check in for the pill-by-pill on my experience with medications.

Thursday, come back for a review and musings on the special series, currently running in USA Today, on the criminal justice system and mental illness (their words, not mine). I’m still reading the story, so feel free to check in on it in the comments below. Whenever I read or hear “mental illness” and “criminal” in the same sentence/breath, I cringe. How about you? How do reports connecting mental illness and criminality sit with you?

That’s the week ahead. Get out there and find crazy good dads, check out the series in USA Today, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.




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