Crazy For Work This Week

I’m in the home stretch of summer vacation. My son starts college in 21 days, my daughter in 22–not that I’m counting.
While my school systems educate my kids, I’ll have more time to ponder and plan for something that’s been feeding my anxiety lately: work. I have no problem finding things to occupy my mind and time. I do have a problem finding work that will fill my bank account.

Tomorrow, I’ll write about work, something almost all of us want and need. With the pressures of raising children, managing our neurodiversities and stigma against them, how do we motivate ourselves to find and keep meaningful work? What about you? How does your life affect your work, and your work affect your life?

Thursday, I’ll offer employment and job resources for people with mental disorders, parents or not. By then, there will only be 18 days until the first day of school–not that I’m counting.


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