Crazy About Challenges This Week

I confess; I did it. I accepted the challenge put to me by one of my nieces to take a bucket of ice or give a donation. I did both. Because ALS had already received millions of dollars by the time I got on the bandwagon, I made my donation to my local chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

I let my kids do the dunking and filming. Big mistake. My son lifts weights, so a bucket loaded with ice and only enough water to make them float a little, was no challenge for him to heft and up-end all over me. On the recording, you can hear my daughter giggling her head off. Me? Shrieking. Very dignified.

I’ve still got challenges on the brain and some career decisions made. Getting motivated to act on goals has been a challenge throughout my life. This week, I’ll explore a few ways to get over the inertia and get the dream seeking in gear.

In the meantime, consider yourself challenged. A donation of any size would be welcomed by your local NAMI. Ice bucket optional.



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