Editor’s note: Beginning today, I’ll explore the many resources—besides Crazy Good Parent, of course—dedicated to supporting people with mental health issues.

SANE is a UK-based organization founded 25 years ago to meet “the challenge of mental illness.” You can read about SANE’s history on their About page. I’ll be writing about their Black Dog Campaign next week.

Funding research and providing free support services are key to SANE’s mission and form a lot of the website’s content. With my sensory issues, I got overwhelmed on my first visit, though it’s easy to find emotional support. Every page includes a Need Help Now? button that takes you straight to SANE’s emotional support page where you can access a telephone helpline, email support, textcare or visit one of the Support Forums.

The nutshell take on SANE’s digital presence:


  • Free confidential emotional support
  • Visual, Audio and Video presentations
    • I skipped the Audio gallery (visual spatial learner here), but loved the Art and Video galleries.
      • SANE sponsors artists and a lot of the work (and there’s a lot of work) is stunning.
      • The videos fell into research presentations, news clips on topics such as Anorexia and Self-Harm, and personal experiences. It was great to see people speaking so openly, and without shame, about their internal lives. Even though I know I’m not alone, it’s comforting to see evidence.
      • Upbeat design and graphics
        • For some unfathomable reason, mental illness sites can be downright depressing. In trying to take mental health seriously, they are just way too serious. SANE’s graphics are colorful, giving the whole site a cheerful aspect. Granted, some of the support room links made me cringe (The Smiley Room? With Smiley Faces? Ewww) but overall it’s an uplifting look. I even forgave the emoticon faces on the Rant Room. (Check out the recipe for meatballs and sauce in The Kitchen. Maybe CGP should start a recipe feature??)
        • British accents
          • This probably only works for Americans, but anything goes down better when it’s spoken with a British accent.

Not so much

  • There’s a ton of stuff to get through. In several visits, I’ve barely scratched the surface.
  • It’s UK only.

Bottom Line: SANE is a Crazy Good resource.

Is there a resource you’ve found helpful? Let me know and I’ll check it out. Books, blogs, movies, websites are all welcome. Naturally, if you want to write a review, I’m always up for submissions!


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