The Crazy Week Ahead

Tomorrow, I’ll reveal my deep dark secret about Christmas. Pretty sure there are others who feel the way I do, but I know there are a lot who don’t.  And Thursday, look for a review on Black Dog Tribe, a project of SANE, which I reviewed last week.

I’m looking to expand the publishing schedule to include an occasional funny bit on Fridays. If you know someone writing/drawing comics, have some short funny stories yourself, or have seen something that made you snort your coffee on the keyboard, share it!

January is shaping up with some really terrific posts planned on communication, with kids, with others, with ourselves. There’s still room, though, if you’d like to make a contribution. Communication doesn’t excite you as a topic? I’m planning to cover relationships–including sex–in February. I’ve got it in my head to cover suicide, health and exercise, faith, money, and diversity. And here I was worried I wouldn’t ever be able to fill an editorial calendar.

So, think about what you’d like to write, draw, paint, photograph or record and let me know.


Editor and Publisher


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