The crazy week ahead

I hate it when I get crazier because my kids are home 24/7 due to school vacations. But I’m at that point. So, this week, I want to focus on getting through times like this.

First, though, I need your help! January will be devoted to communication and I’m writing about how we describe our illness/disorder/issue to others. In other words, what do you call it? I alternate between saying I’m bipolar and I have bipolar disorder. Obviously, I’ve also decided to take back “crazy”, hence the name of this enterprise.

What do you call your crazy? Let me know in the comments.

Tomorrow, I’ll write about some of the ways I cope with my schedule being shot straight to hell because the kids are on break. Thursday? Another resource review or a repost. Do you have something you’ve written that you want to share? Contact me at

Hang in there! The holidays are almost over and then it’s back to normal crazy.


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