Three resolutions I think I can keep

I’m not big on resolutions, but so many people I respect are making them, that I thought, “What the hell? I’ll make some resolutions!” When I worked in public relations, I learned that the greatest number of ideas a human mind can handle at one time is three. Everything our agency presented was in chunks of three. Here, then, is my resolutions chunk for 2014.

One fast food trip per week. The kids and I love our fast food and my son is only too eager to push for a daily dose of fat, sugar and pink slime. This year, I’m sticking to my one trip a week rule. Better for them, better for me, better for the budget, which makes it better for Dad.

Two phone calls to actual people each week. I have social anxiety; I have it so bad that it will take me days to work up the courage to call someone I don’t know. It even takes an embarrassing amount of self-cheerleading to call good friends and family. It’s so easy for me to sit in my electronic cottage, interacting virtually. This year, I will call two people—call them—not just email them. I’ll even commit to making at least one of them a contact for Crazy Good Parent. Good for me, good for CGP

Three runs per week. (There’s a weekly theme going here.) I hated running until I was told I have osteopeonia (or however you spell that pre-osteoporosis condition.) I was a swimmer. While I still like swimming, it does nothing to build bone mass and, frankly, doing laps is more boring than playing Hot Wheels for an hour. So, I made myself run. Now, I can’t live sanely without it. This year, I will get those three runs in, even if they are just half-hour hamster trips on the dreadtreadmill.

I’m hoping sharing my resolve publicly will help me stick with the plan. How about you? Have you made any resolutions? Care to share?



12 responses to “Three resolutions I think I can keep

  1. · Only 1 chocolate treat ( binge) per week.
    · daily walking like I was doing.
    · Listen to my children more, play with them more.
    . go back to reading my two youngest at least one book a day each.
    . give my teen at least two hugs a day and time every night to just talk.


  2. I like the tidy structure of your goals, the practical application to daily life, and balance between mind, body, and spirit. I’ll be cheering you on from my hamster wheel, just as soon as I push myself away from my electronic cottage. Love it!


  3. I have the resolution to do something physical each day for 30 minutes (even a leisurely walk outside). I’m not working right now, so physical activity is essential to keep the blues at bay (and get me out of the house and away from my phone/computer). I wish you success with yours – they sound very reasonable!


    • Physical activity, though it was always the last thing I wanted to do, got me through plenty of depression. Good luck to you, too. Maybe I’ll revisit this and we can all check in.


  4. I’m not a resolution maker, but I do find the new year naturally makes me think about new goals, and it also gives me a motivational push to work toward some of them. Just like the advent of spring usually makes me want clean house. I’ve learned to act on my urges when they happen, because they can be fleeting 🙂 As my husband always says about me, when I do something, I freakin’ do the hell out of it. But then I’m done.


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