Speaking of Vacation Anxiety

We were speaking of vacation anxiety, right? Maybe you’re familiar with it. The conviction that your children will be injured, maimed or killed by something that, to other parents, seems harmless but to you is a disaster waiting to happen. Like swings. My particular irrational traveling anxiety is that, if we fly, my husband and I should take separate flights so that the children won’t be orphans when one of us crashes.

Over at Are You Finished Yet? there’s a great post about packing anxiety into the luggage along with the bathing suits and sunscreen. Click the link below and prepare to find out what you may have in common with Tina Fey.


One response to “Speaking of Vacation Anxiety

  1. Reblogged this on Are You Finished Yet? and commented:
    My kids, like everyone else’s, are counting down the days until summer. And frankly, so am I. For many people, summer means vacation time. And I’m mostly all, “Yay! Vacation! Vacation is cool!” But there’s also just this teeny tiny part of traveling that kicks my anxious tendencies into gear. And THAT means you all get another excuse to laugh at me.

    The very kind Janice, who gives “crazy” a very good name, is featuring my post “An Instagram Diary of Anxiety” over on her blog, Crazy Good Parent. I will love you forever if you head over there and poke around at all the other crazy good stuff she has going on!


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