Craziness Ahead

I’ve been thinking about vacation a lot lately. We like to go to the beach in Michigan but can’t always afford it, so I haven’t made any plans yet. I know, getting a little late.

Are you making summer vacation plans? Tuesday we’ll have an amusing post from a mom who just can’t leave her anxiety home, so family fun is just another reason to worry.

Then, of course, we’ll have something else to laugh at on Friday.

For June? A loyal reader recently interviewed one of her children for a post on her own blog. That got me thinking that maybe some of you would like to interview your kids. Audio, video, written? Doesn’t matter. Let me know if you’re in! I am, as long as I can get one of my kids to cooperate; I may have to resort to bribery. You don’t have to ask anything about your neurodiversity. Let’s just hear our children’s voices. Email me at or through the “Share Your Crazy” button in the upper right corner. While you’re at it, like the Facebook page, too!

See you tomorrow!

Janice, publisher

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