Going To The Dogs; Guest Post on Crazy Good Parent

Credit: Viktor Hanacek

Credit: Viktor Hanacek

The first week of October is National Walk Your Dog Week. I know! Who knew? I guiltily admit that I am among those who do not walk their dogs, though I know the exercise would be good for me and my pooch.

I owe my dog; his affection helped keep a family member from self-harm. As a child, our family dog more than once was my only confidant. It’s not just dogs who help us through the rough times. Any pet can make life easier.

Do you have a pet who’s helped you dig out of the darkness? Crazy Good Parent is looking for guest posts on dogs…or cats…or horses. Whatever pet you’ve got, we want to hear about it.


3 responses to “Going To The Dogs; Guest Post on Crazy Good Parent

  1. Hi Janice, I have one! It’s one of my favorites: “My Furry Antidepressant” about my American Farm Collie puppy Lucy – want to take a look? (Is it okay for you to use if it’s from my own blog?)


  2. Perfectly fine if it appeared on your blog, but I’d want you to repost it at CGP. That is, create a post on CGP and input your post so that it appears whole on Crazy Good Parent, just like any other post. You can send me your email so I can invite you to become an author. Send it to crazygoodparent@comcast.net. Thanks!


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