Review: HealthyPlace is the largest consumer mental health site, providing comprehensive, trusted information on psychological disorders and psychiatric medications from both an expert and consumer point of view.

It’s easy to believe HealthyPlace is the largest consumer mental health site; the thing is huge. Just a look at the site map is almost overwhelming. You can browse by condition, everything from abuse to sex and sexuality.


Clicking on a condition takes you to its dedicated community space. There, you’ll be greeted with a video welcome by your condition’s designated blogger. You can scroll down the page to access the abundance of information available, or you can click on one of the links in the left-hand side bar.

I checked out the Bipolar Disorder, OCD and related disorders, and Anxiety-Panic communities. All of them follow the same format, with blogger welcome and access to information in video and print formats. Increasing, I find myself drawn to viewing, rather than reading information when the option is available, maybe because I read so many blogs.

There are also forums and chat options dedicated to each of the mental disorders mentioned on the home page. I couldn’t figure out if there was a separate chat option or if the forums are the chat option. In my experience, forum posts are generally made by people in distress and can be a depression trigger for me. If you are resilient enough to respond and offer support, though, posters almost always thank others for help. Forums might also be appealing if you yourself are in distress.

I was glad to see a list of hotlines for those in crisis. The list is extensive, but it’s buried in the “Other Info” section. I would like to see it on the home page and I’ve stolen it (with credit) for a crisis section on Crazy Good Parent.

Another section I found interesting is “Tools.” There are only two tools, but the Mood Journal tool looks useful. I’ve been meaning to start one for some time. HealthyPlace makes it easy to track moods with a mood entry form that will track up, down and normal moods as well as anxiety levels and amount of sleep. You can even set Mood Journal up to notify your health care professional when your moods enter danger zones. I love technology that makes my life easier and my handwriting is close to illegible. Mood Journal could be even better if it were an iPad or iPhone app, though it’s free and I haven’t yet found a free app worth the space on my devices. The other Tool is a body mass calculator tied to the Eating Disorders Community.

Like most web resources, HealthyPlace offers follow options. I chose Facebook and appreciate the notices in my newsfeed. All of them are hashtagged, so it’s easy for me to click through on the ones I find interesting. The hashtags I’ve seen are: #parenting, #inspiration, #depression, and #bliss. Most lead to posts from bloggers and there are lots of bloggers on HealthyPlace. #inspiration newsfeed notices are memes with inspirational messages. I find most of them kind of sappy and clichéd, but I’m a pretty hard sell.

HealthyPlace requires registration so everything you post is protected.


  • There’s a ton of information so you’re sure to find something about your neurodiversity.
  • Forums help you connect with others in your situation.
  • Video and print formats are available.
  • Facebook feed helps you access information that interest you quickly.
  • Hotline information is extensive.
  • Free mood journal that can connect with your health care providers.

Not so much

  • Wading through all the information could be overwhelming.
  • Hotline information is buried.
  • No app.

Bottom line

HealthyPlace is a comprehensive crazy good resource.

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